FR7018T-S Series SFHSS Receivers with 20A/2-3S brushless ESC [HJ]

FR7018T-S V1.0 is a 7CH receiver integrated with a 20A/3S brushless ESC and comes with diversity double antenna, the working range can be as far as 1000-1500 meters. It applies buck DCDC BEC power supply.
It is small and light, so it can reduce F3P flight weight significantly compare with those standard receivers, makes F3P flight agile and enjoyable.

About the built-in brushless ESC:
Normally people use an independent brushless ESC that connects the receiver through soldering cables on traditional F3P airplanes, cables and connectors between ESC and receiver brings troubles on installation, let alone the increased flight weight. The built-in ESC is 20A/2-3S which meets the need for reducing weight on most F3P airplanes

-Super small: 34.0*16.2*9.8mm(not including antenna and power cables);
-Weight: 5.6g(not including power cables);
-Working voltage: 7.4~11.2V(2S-3S lipoly);
-Working range: 1000~1500 meters.
-Diversity double antenna, 75mm length.
-Red JST power connector cable soldered.
-With built-in 2A/5V DCDC buck BEC power;
-With built-in one 20A/2-3S brushless ESC;
-6 independent ports for plugging as many as six servos;
-Supports firmware updating

Calibration of the ESC travel range
The calibration way of built-in 20A ESC is same as the traditional way. First, push the throttle to highest position and then power the receiver, you can hear beep tone from the ESC, indicates the ESC detects the highest throttle position and we can hear tones from the motor, as soon as the tone from the motor is completed, pull the throttle stick to the lowest, the ESC detects the lowest position and the motor tones comes and completes, the ESC will save the calibration data, user can shut off the power or run the motor.

M.BUS1 port:
M.BUS1 is a multi-functional connection port, 1, firmware updating/function setup port; 2, SBUS signal output; 3, Connecting sensor from the outside (it is on developing).
NOTE: Do not connect the battery when M.BUS1 is connecting to computer

As this receiver has already integrated DCDC buck BEC power supply, please don’t power the receiver through any servo ports on the board, or you will burn and damage the receiver


Package Included:
1x SFHSS RX with 20A ESC