Arduino Uno R3 Compatible ATMEGA328P CH340 (With USB Cable) [ 05-023]

Arduino Uno R3 Compatible ATMEGA328P CH340 (With USB Cable)

Please download and install the driver from Arduino (Arduino is an open source project) if your computer cannot recognize the Arduino board.
If you have a difficulties to us it, please question on Arduino forums.

** Please understand that we are unable to guarantee you which you can flash your ESC without any problem because the most important thing is -- you need the knowledge to use it.

Main Changes from the older version:
Add two rows of the holes for the pins. So it can be connected with normal Dubond line.
Add 3 rows of the holes for wiring.
Change the in-line package of ATMEGA328P to flat package.
CH340G Replace ATmega16U2
Plug UNO development board, the driver will be automatically installed.
select the board UNO inside the die.
Select the COM port, this can be in my computer queries, just inside your uno port development board
You'd better to choose arduino own routine procedures, burn into the board

ATmega328-AU microcontroller with UNO Bootloader Installed.
USB Programming Facilitated by the CH340G.
USB-B Connector and cable included.
Input voltage - 7-15V.
0-5V outputs with 3.3V compatible inputs.
14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs).
6 Analog Inputs.
ISP Header.
32k Flash Memor.y
16MHz Clock Speed.
All SMD Construction.
R3 Shield Compatible

1 x Arduino Uno R3 Board
1 x USB Cable