1.9g digital servo for micro helicopters such as K110, K124 MCPX [HJ-]

1.Light weight
2.Easy to control and quick response.
3.Suitable for Wltoys XK A600 K100 K110 K123 K124 V977 V966 RC helicopters.
4.High quality and durable, equipped with plastic gear, accuracy.
5.Easy to install, save your time and extend the lifetime of your helicopter.

The new 1.9g micro digital servo, fits micro helicopters(Wltoys XK A600 K100 K110 K123 K124 V977 V966) and airplanes for 3D flight, this servo can replace the linear servo on helicopter, such as the 1.9g linear servo on Blade M-CPX .
The 1.9g servo almost get the same size as the 1.7g servo but it got a bigger coreless brush motor inside, the 1.7g servo have a 0408 coreless brush motor, 1.9g servo gets a 0412 coreless brush motor which is longer, this is why the 1.9g servo gets protruding portion on servo body.

As a result, the pull of 1.9g servo can reach 300g, and the 1.7g servo can only reach 180g, only 0.2g weight difference makes a great pull gap!

Gear type: plastic gear
Weight: 1.9g
Size: 13.5*6.2*20mm
Operation voltage: 2.8V~4.2V
Rotating angle: 90°+-10°
Parts include: X horn*1, single side horn*1, long both sides horn*1, related screws

Package Included:
1x 1.9g digital servo (plug type: JST 1.25mm)