BEC Board for GoPro Hero v1.1 [BF-00313746_1]

GoProをすっきりと軽量にしたい方には、このBECボードが役立ちます。 5V @ 2A BEC、ストックのGoProボタンとLED、プラグイン可能なコネクター、リモート録音を統合しました。
このBECボードは、GoPro Hero 6およびHero 7 Blackに適合します。 ただし、Hero 8は対象外です。

Bullet Point
BEC Board is specially designed for Naked GoPro Hero which weighs about 1.5g, make your naked GoPro lighter and easier to install on your drone.
The BEC output voltage is 5V@2A, avoid the accident of power off which is caused by the insufficient power supply for the FC board.
Integrated GoPro stock buttons, Power/Mode Button and Record Button
Integrated GoPro stock LED to know the status of the camera.
Pad is available for pilot to control the GoPro recording via the radio transmitter.
With the pluggable connector, which is easier to connect with your flight controller for power supply and recording.

Item: BEC Board for GoPro Hero
Weight: 1.48g
Output: 5V@2A
Input Voltage: 2-4S
Connector: GH 1.25 3P Connector

Diagram of BEC Board
The two buttons on the BEC board has the same function as the stock GoPro buttons. Three actions we will use frequently.

Power On - Press the Power/Mode button and the LED flashes three times and light off.
Start Record - Press the Record button once and LED flashes slowly. If LED flash once and light off, it means there is no SD card.
Stop Record - Press the Record button and LED stop slow flashing.

LED Status
Under normal operation, plug the GH1.25 connector into the GoPro Lite camera firstly, then connect with the battery. The LED will flash once, then you should press the Power/Mode button once in a second to power on. The LED on the BEC board has the same status as the stock LED on the GoPro mainboard.

How to Setup Remote Record
Pilot could use the switch on radio transmitter to start/stop record. Some more configuration needed.

For example, if you use F4 FC V2.0 in the drone, like the 95X whoop drone, the connection diagram is shown below. The yellow cable (FC B12 pin pad) is just for the remote record.

We use the Pinio function in Betaflight to control record. First, setup the Pinio function of the B12 pin in the FC board.

resource FLASH_CS 1 NONE
resource PINIO 1 B12
set pinio_box = 40,255,255,255

Next, map one of the switch channels in your radio transmitter to this Pinio (aka USER1). As shown below, we map the AUX4 channel in the radio transmitter to USER1 Pinio. The cursor in the orange zone means button released and white zone means pressed. So keep the cursor in the orange zone in default.

Third, check if the Pinio function works. Change the switch and make the cursor move from the orange zone to the white zone, and finally back to the orange zone. Now you could check the LED status to know if the record starts. Use the same process to stop recording.

If you use the 12A F4 AIO FCboard, like the 85X whoop drone, you will use the LED_STRIP pin (aka A08 pin pad) for the Pinio function.

resource LED_STRIP 1 NONE
resource PINIO 1 A08
set pinio_box = 40,255,255,255

Know more about the Betaflight Pinio function.

Parts of GoPro Lite Series
We know some of the pilots might have a question about how to get the case for the naked GoPro or some might wanna grab the GoPro Lite Camera directly. Here we provide some more choices for your better installation. You can also find the STL File for GoPro Lite Series here.

Beta95X for GoPro Hero
Beta85X for GoPro Hero
BEC Board for GoPro Hero
Case for GoPro Lite Camera
GoPro Lite Camera
>>Click here to check the STL Files for GoPro Lite Series.

How to Disassemble GoPro Hero6 Black
Special thanks to JONAH BLAESER who provided the method of disassembling GoPro HERO6 Black. If you are interested, please check the link to know the specific steps to make your own naked GoPro.

GoPro HERO6 Black Disassembly Guide 

Note: Do this at your own risk. You will lose your GoPro’s warranty and you may end up bricking the camera if something goes wrong. This guide is not authorized by GoPro and your camera is not guaranteed to work afterward. BETAFPV will not be held responsible for this action.

1x BEC Board for GoPro Hero
1x H1.25 Power Cable (80mm 30AWG)