EMAX Babyhawk-R RACE(R) Edition 112mm F3 Magnum Mini 5.8G FPV Racing RC Drone 3S/4S BNF(SFHSS)

High Speed power system featuring RS1106 and the Avan Micro
FC/ESC AIO - Mini Magnum Tower
112mm Carbon Fiber Frame
Only weighs 82.8 grams
Customizable Shell Canopy with adjustable camera positions
Pre-tuned Betaflight Firmware for optimized flight performance
OSD integrated with Low-Voltage detection
40 Channel 5.8g VTX switchable 25/200mw
Compatible with EMAX Transmitter/Goggles/Accessories
Utilizes Micro CCD Sensor Camera
Accepts 3-4 cell LiPo batteries

【BNF セット内容】
1 x BabyHawk Race BNF(組み立て、構成、飛行試験済み、受信機RX800-Pro (Futaba S-FHSS 6J, 6K, 8J, 10J, 14SG, 16SZ, 18SZ, 18MZ))
4ペア x AVAN-MICRO Propeller(赤)
1 x Screw Pack
1 x Camera Adjusting Board
1 x Manual
1 x日本語の簡易説明書

1 x 充電器
1 x Futaba SFHSS Transmitter (Futaba S-FHSS 6J, 6K, 8J, 10J, 14SG, 16SZ, 18SZ, 18MZ)

注意:※ 当商品は国外でご使用されるお客様向けに販売致しております。.