BETAFPV Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Frame [BF-01090015_OP]

最大の 1S ブラシレス クワッドコプター用に構築され、7 色から選択できます。 取り付けに便利なモーターホルダーを搭載し、改良されたバッテリースロットを備えているため、より大容量の1Sバッテリーを利用できます。 これにより、安定性が向上し、飛行がスムーズになります。 F4 1S 5A FC、1102 および 45mm プロペラに適合する Meteor75 Pro ブラシレス フープ フレームは、1S HD フープに適した優れた推力対重量比性能を備えています。

Note: On the Way, Stay Tuned! Meteor75 Pro Brushless Quadcopter with Analog VTX or HD Digitial VTX is coming soon.

Bullet Point
Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Frame is durable enough with a lightweight of 7.73g.
The motor holder utilizes a triangle bilateral stretch structure, extremely strong for motor installation. So flying is stable when the quadcopter is at high speed. Recommend motors with triangle mount like 1102, 0802SE Brushless Motors.
The battery slot is bigger. Pilots can use a larger 1S battery with more capacity. Recommend BETAFPV 450mAh 1S Battery, BT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery.
The frame is perfect for 45mm propellers like Gemfan 45mm 2-Blade/3-Blade props. It greatly enhances the thrust for 1S whoop, especially when carrying HD digital VTX.
The Meteor75 Pro frame is completely an upgrade choice for pilots who fly Meteor65, Meteor 65 Pro, or Meteor 75 brushless quadcopter. The electronic parts are compatible with it such as the F4 1S 5A flight controller. Just purchase 45mm props and recommend 1102 motors for more power.

Item: Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Frame
Material: PP
Wheelbase: 80.8mm
Weight: 7.73g
Color: Black/Blue/Cyan/Yellow/Orange/White/Red
Motor mounting hole: 3-M1.4-φ6.6mm, 1102, 0802SE Brushless Motors
FC mounting hole: 26*26mm, F4 1S 5A FC

Larger 1S Drone Combo
Meteor75 Pro Frame with 45mm 2-Blade or 3-Blade props performs very precise, agile, and fantastic flying. It is compatible with parts on the 1S Meteor series whoops and is super easy to swap and upgrade build. With 45mm propellers, it is the largest 1S power whoop drone nowadays. It might be perfect for HD VTX indoors.

Please click to purchase 45mm 2-Blade or 3-Blade Propellers.

From Meteor75 to Pro
Meteor75 Pro frame is larger than the classical Meteor75. It is suitable for 45mm propellers, which makes Meteor75 Pro the largest 1S power whoop currently. The motor holder is using a triangle bilateral stretch structure, giving pilots a more durable and smoother flight experience.

The battery slot is enhanced to a wider size of 16.7mm. Meteor75 Pro frame supports 450mAh, 550mAh 1S battery. Recommend using BT2.0 450mAh 1S Battery BT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery, and other brand batteries that can fit the slot.

Recommended Parts
Propellers: 45mm 2-Blade/3-Blade Props
Motors: 1102 Brushless Motors, 0802SE Brushless Motors
Batteries: BT2.0 450mAh 1S Battery, BT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery (4PCS)
Canopy: BETAFPV Micro Canopy, Micro Canopy for HD Camera
Screws: Meteor Series Motor Fixing Screws Pack (40PCS)
FC: F4 1S 5A FC

1 * Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Frame