X-BOSS AC940 Dual Mode Receiver Support Futaba S-FHSS & FrSky ACCST D16 Radio System []

AC940 : size 12mm x 23.3mm
only 1.2g (weight not include 2.54mm 3x4 pin),
4 channels 50Hz PWM + S.BUS signal output, perfect fit small fixed win

1. Support S-FHSS、ACCST D16 non-EU、ACCST D16 EU-LBT three modes.
2. S-FHSS support 14SG、16SZ、18SZ、18MZ etc. ACCST D16 non-EU and EU-LBT support X9D、X12S etc.
3. The channel 16 of S.BUS value is real-time RSSI, BETAFLIGHT OSD can display this RSSI value on screen.
4. Rated voltage 4.0V~6.0V, AC900 is S.BUS output, AC940 is 4 channels 50Hz PWM output when leaving
factory, user can short circuit the pad to change to S.BUS + 3 channels 50Hz PWM output (see picture below).

1x X-BOSS AC940 レシーバー
1x cable and pins


2. バインドボタンを爪楊枝などを使って長押しする(5〜10秒くらい)。長押ししている間一瞬ライトが光り、その後点灯すれば切り替え成功です。