NewBeeDrone Tool Kit V1.5 [NB-01AH01]

Soldering Iron Specification:
Power: 65W
Power interface: 5.5 x 2.5
Working voltage: DC12-24V, (inner positive and outside negative)
Work current: >=1.5A
Temperature range: 220-400
Size of the control handle: 110 x 16 x 15mm
Tip size: 115 x 5.5mm
Weight: 28g
This solder iron comes with a XT60 Plug power cable

Premium tool case
Hex driver 1.5mm
Hex driver 2.0mm
Hex driver 2.5mm
Soldering iron
Power cable
Flux pen
Soldering iron holder with sponge
Precision tweezers
Precision wire cutters
Precision Phillips screwdriver
M5 prop tool
AcroBee prop tool
Solder practice board