FR7012 6CH Futaba SFHSS receiver with 15A ESC 2-3S [HJ-]

FR7012-X series receivers are 7CH receivers designed especially for F3P flight.It is integrated a 15A/3S brushless ESC and DCDC buck BEC power, very small and light, so it canreduce F3P flight weight significantly compare with those standard receivers, makes F3P flight agile and enjoyable.

⚫ Super small: 34.0*16.2*9.8mm(not including antenna and power cables);
⚫ Weight: 5.2g(not including power cables);
⚫ Working voltage: 7.4~11.2V(2S-3S lipoly);
⚫ With built-in 2A/5V DCDC buck BEC power;
⚫ With built-in one 15A/2-3S brushless ESC;
⚫ 6 independent ports for plugging as many as six servos;

About the built-in brushless ESC:
Normally we use an independent brushless ESC that connects the receiver through
soldering cables on traditional F3P airplanes, cables and connectors between ESC and receiver brings troubles on installation, let alone the increased flight weight. The built-in ESC is 15a/2-3S which meets the need of most F3P airplanes to reduce flight weight.


As this receiver has already integrated DCDC buck BEC power supply, please don’t power the receiver through any servo ports on the board, or you will burn and damage the receiver

Package Included:
1x SFHSS RX with 15A ESC