MXL-RX62H Futaba SFHSS RX with linear servos build-in 3A brushless ESC [HJ]

MXL-RX62H V2 is serial compatible receivers specially designed for mini RC model aircrafts. two linear servos are integrated on board, two independent ports for output., one output port for integrated brushed 3A speed controller, one signal port for brushless ESC.

This is Futaba SFHSS compatible receiver

1)Futaba SFHSS compatible version;
2)Built-in 3A brushless ESC;
3) Independent ports for connecting ESCs outside;
4)Size: 24.5*24*7.4mm (not including power leads);
5)Weight:3.5g (including power cables and antenna);
6)Working voltage: 3.5~5.0V;

How to start the brushed onboard speed controller.

The brushed speed controller is locked when the receiver is power connected, it would be started only when the throttle stick is at lowest position.
When the throttle stick is checked at the lowest position by the receiver at first time, the red LED will flash one time indicating the brushed ESC is unlocked and can work. If the brushed ESC still can’t be unlocked or started even the throttle stick is at the lowest position exactly, please check on your transmitter and see if THR channel is reversed or the throttle range is not enough, in this case, please change THR set up and try again.

Binding operation for Futaba receiver:
1) Make sure Futaba receiver set up is SFHSS, and then turn off transmitter;
2) Plug the binding cable into AIL port and Reverse AIL port, power the receiver and it will enter binding mode (LED light fast flashing)
3) Turn on Futaba transmitter, binding is successful when the fast flashing LED changes to solid bright.

1x MXL-RX62H Futaba SFHSS compatible receiver with 3A ESC