NewBeeDrone Micro Race Gate - Square 5pack [NB-06AE02]

The perfect gate to use for racing AcrboBees, TinyWhoops, or any other micro quad with bright and easy to see patterns.

Each gate is made of a super-durable fabric, ensuring they will withstand the toughest of micro-races and crashes that you may encounter. The edges of the gate are lined with sections of velcro for using with velcro doubled sided tape included with our kit for putting on walls, doorways, windows, or whatever you can think of!

Each gate collapses into smaller circles, measuring 8.5 inches, include a convenient carrying case with zipper to give easy storage and transportation solutions.

Inner Square dimensions: 16.5'' x 16.5''

5x マイクロ レースゲートースクエア
1x キャリングバッグ