Ethix S3 Prop Watermelon PC (2CW+2CCW) [HQ-795186]

Mr Steele’s preceded watermelon theme S3 props. If your looking for that old school HQ glass nylon feel without the fragile mess they used to be then look no further! The Ethix brand and HQ have teamed together to bring you the very best high performance freestyle prop on the market. with a 31 degree pitch, this prop is suitable for butter smooth freestyle with a wide variety of setups.

Propeller Diameter: 5 inch
Pitch: 3.1
Blades: 3
Material: Poly Carbonate
Weight: 3.6g
Hub Diameter: 12.5mm
Hub Thickness: 6mm
Shaft: 5mm
Adaptor Rings: NO

2x HQ Ethix S3 Prop Watermelon PC CW
2x HQ Ethix S3 Prop Watermelon PC CCW