EMAX Avan-R 5inch 5065 3-Blade Propeller for FPV Racing (10 Pairs / Red) [EMAX12-016]

Blades profiles are optimized at key point along the length of the blade maximize lift coefficients.
Linear throttle response - predictable response of propeller action throughout the entire throttle band.
High grade poly carbonate for propeller and stiffness.
Optimized design to match motor performance curves of the RS2306 series of brushless motors and similar performing motors in its class.
Advance Ratio is used instead of conventional pitch theory to make the most efficient propeller in both speed and handling.
Exclusive locking design in propeller hub to match with RS2306 and RS2205 motors to lessen prop loosening during flight.
Countless hours of R&D were implemented on genuine AVAN propellers to take advantage of the RS2306 (and most modern 22xx and 23xx motors) full potential.
Use of non-genuine (copied or cloned) propeller is NOT RECOMMENDED and will yield poor performance.