Scisky Micro 32b F1 Brushed FC+ RX(Futaba S-FHSS)+VTX 25MW +OSD+Camera (HJ)


Size: 20.0*33.5*6.0mm (not including the USB protruding part)

Weight:2.5g (including Futaba S-FHSS compatible 7CH receiver by serial port output)

Frequency for driving motor:2k (the frequency can be set up by user, max frequency can be 32K)

Brushed ESC: continuous working current is 4.2A, max current is 6A(5S);

Integrated with DCDC voltage booster circuit( output 5.0V/500Ma), it can supply power for other device through IIC and UART port;

The hardware of the FC is based on Naze 32, test firmware is cleanflight Naze V1.9.0 and V1.8.1.