TurboWing Cyclops TX17128 0/25/200mW Transmitter Module with Smart Audio[09-483]

Currently, there is only a handful of video transmitters that support telemetry functions, Turbowing is proud to be included in this market now. We have taken all of your feedback and our team has worked hard to come up with answers to all of your requests when the design of this new Product comes out. We have many new and exciting items in the works and going to be released to the public soon. Thank you all for your valuable feedback to the FPV Community which always comes first to us and we are one of the few companies that sincerely listen to your voice.

The product is compatible with tbs Smart Audio V1 agreement, it can adjust frequency point through flight control.
The 0/25/200mW power of the product corresponds with 25/200/500(or 800) in the Smart Audio.

Brand Turbowing
Name Cyclops TX17128 Transmitting Module
Transmitting Power 0/25/200mW
Input Power 7-26V
Input Current 90/130/230mA@12V
Output Power 5V
Channel Quantity 48
Size 25*25mm
Weight 3.6g (included antenna 4.2g)

1x0/25/200mW Transmitting Module
1xCopper Antenna with IPEX port(60mm)
1x60mmPower Cable
1xPlastic Packaging box