RADIOMASTER Zorro Radio Controller 4-in-1 VERSION (MODE 2) [09-817]

RadioMaster Zorro Raio - The Compact Class-Leader.

Featuring an ergonomic design, large bright LCD screen in the perfect viewing position, travel adjustable HALL sensor gimbals, a nano size external RF module bay, built-in USB-C Charging, USB-C Data port for updating and playing simulators, rear and top assignable push buttons, scroll wheels, RadioMasters 7 button menu navigation system, headphone audio output, external power source input and a host of RF options the RadioMaster Zorro is set to change the game once again.


Support 4 RF Configurations

Switchable in Mode 1 and Mode 2
Zorro radio supports switching between Mode 1 and Mode 2 without disassembly. The default factory mode is Mode 2.

Adjustable Hall Gimbals

External Module Bay
Zorro Radio is with an external module bay for use with Crossfire / ELRS and other compatible modules.

18350 Battery Compartments

Battery Charging
Supports USB-C Directing Charging

Supports External 2S Battery Power Supply

Oversized LCD & Foldable Antenna

DIY Attachment Points

Ergonomically Designed

18350 900mah Battery
EP1 Nano Receiver
EP2 Nano Receiver
Carry Case for Zorro Radio
XT30 to JST 3 Pin connector for Zorro Radio
User Manuals
ZORRO User Manual

ZORRO Quick Start Guide 1.1

Firmware Updates
Zorro SD Contents and Firmware

1x Zorro Radio Controller 4-in-1 Version (MODE2)
(18350 900mah Battery は付いていません)

注意:※ 当商品は国外でご使用されるお客様向けに販売致しております。