ESD-13 プロフェッショナル帯電防止精密技術ピンセット、非磁性フラットおよびラウンド、ステンレス鋼プラスチックコーティング、全長120mm [03-085]

【Specification】- ESD-13, 122mm / 4.80-inch length, anti-static straight blunt tip.
【Material】- Non-magnetic, acid-resistant stainless steel construction, which is hard, resist corrosion and good elasticity.
【Anti-Static】- With electrostatic dissipative (ESD)coating to protect the components and handle from the static damage.
【Protective Cap】- The tweezer tip are covered with protective cap, helping users protected from getting hurt.
【WIDELY USE】- Perfect fit for Phone, PC, semiconductor, watch fixing, electronics maintenace, jewelry, precision electronic components, laboratory work, stamp and more works.

1xESD-13 静電防止ピンセット