Betafpv Pavo360 FPV Quadcopter PNP [BF-01010005_1]

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Betafpv Pavo360, a totally new and unique drone generated by BETAFPV, aims to provide pilots with a perfect 360° video recording and stable flying. It comes with an ultralight customized SMO 360 Cam, a balanced body design to guarantee a stable flying, a retractable landing gear to protect cam away from any damages when landing on ground. It also has sufficient power because of 2204-2400KV motors and 2 tandem 850mAh 3S batteries.

SMO 360 Camera
SMO 360 is an ultralight 360° panoramic camera with super 5.7K video quality and specially designed for BETAFPV Pavo360. It only weighs 55g, and it is easy to install with Pavo360 as well as powered by the drone. All you need to do is just install it, plugin and then you can enjoy a totally new and amazing 360° panoramic video.
Optional Versions of the Infront Camera
Digital: Caddx Polar Vista Kit
The digital version of the camera is in a high HD quality and excellent low night capability.
Analog: Caddx Ratel+A02 800mW

Pavo360 Landing Gear
This strong landing gear perfectly protects the cam when pilots land pavo360 on ground and the 3D printed anti-collision feet can be replaced.
Ultra Thin and Flat Frame Design
Extremely thin body to make sure the drone is completely invisible when recording a 360° panoramic video.
Balanced layout Design
Pavo360 has a balanced layout with 2 batteries on the side, FC and VTX are in the front and the centralled mounted camera, which makes the flying much more stable.
Sufficient Power Supply
Pavo360 uses 2204-2400KV(6S)motors, GF D76 5-Blade Props and 2 tandem 850mAh 3S batteries to supply sufficient power for the drone.

Item: Betafpv Pavo360 FPV Quadcopter
Motor: 2204-2400KV (6S)
Power connection: XT30 double-end aircraft model power connector, red and black wire plus subboard
Propeller: transparent grey GF D76-5B
Flight Controller: F7 6S AIO 35A Toothpick Flight Controller
Battery: 3S 850mAh 75C battery
Caddx Ratel+A02 800MW (Analog version)

Betafpv PAVO360 & SMO 360 360度カメラ

Betafpv PAVO360 セット内容

1 * Pavo360 FPV Quadcopter (Without SMO 360 Camera)
2 * CW Gemfan D76 5-Blades Propellers
2 * CCW Gemfan D76 5-Blades Propellers
1 * Pavo360 Sticker
2 * 3S 850mAh 75C XT30 Battery

SMO 360 Camera (別売り)

KW:Tinywhoop KW:Cinewhoop