IFLIGHT Chimera4 4S LR BNF with Caddx Vista HD System [IF-009058]

Without battery 173g
XING 1404 3000KV(Crusiser) Ultralight motors
X-Geometry body for high performance handling and max. authority on pitch axis
DC (DeadCat geometry) bottom plate available (additional item, not included, no props in view)
GPS pre-installed for more safety at distance
SucceX-E mini F4 +35A 4in1 ESC Flystack

Naked GoPro ready
360° TPU protection, Vista cam protection and antenna mounts
Caddx Vista Digital HD System / Caddx Nebula Nano Digital HD System Kit

Don't worry about tuning, we did that for you already! A basic PID- and Filter tuning was applied for a great flight experience!
To restore lost tunes or updates, please check our linked article on "Firmware/Factory Dumps"
Angle-Mode (self balancing level mode) is enabled by default to make sure your first flight doesn't end in a mess!
Please check our linked article on "How to disable Angle-Mode, activate Acro-Mode"
GPS Rescue is OFF by default to prevent from unwanted or unexpected drone behaviour.
Please check our linked article on "GPS Rescue Mode // Setup"

ELECTRONICS // SucceX-E mini F4 Stack (35A 4-in-1 ESC):
SucceX-E mini F4
MCU: 168MHz STM32F405
Gyro: MPU6000
Blackbox: 8MB
Betaflight OSD: YES
BEC: 5V 2.5A
Uarts: 4
ESC Telemetry: yes
INA Pad: nuart2
Input voltage: 2-6S
Size: 25*25mm /20*20mm φ3 mounting
Weight: 4g
Mounting hole: 20*20mm,φ3mm
Size: 25*25mm

ESC // SucceX-E mini 35A
MCU: BB21 F16G
Capacitance: 470uF/50V
Current Sensor: Yes
Input: 2-6S LIPO
Constant: 35A / Burst: 40A
Supports up to Dshot600, Proshot, Oneshot, Multishot
Target: G-H-30
Weight: 6.9g
Mounting pattern: 20*20, φ3mm with Grommets φ2mm
Dimensions: 31*30mm (including the power pads)

TBS Crossfire Nano受信機、またはR2000SBM受信機-SFHSS
【セット内容】Prebuilt and indoor tested Quadcopter
1x Chimera4 frame
1x Caddx Vista Digital HD System Kit
1x Albatross LHCP ipex 160mm antenna
1setx Nazgul 4030 props (Set of 2 - Color may vary)
1setx Gemfan 4024 Props (Set of 2 - Color may vary)
2x 15*150mm Microfiber PU Leather Battery Strap (Color May Vary)



    TBS Crossfire Nano受信機