NewBeeDrone Balloon Gate (3-Pack) [NB-06AD02]


We know that the classic Race Gate is cool but they're usually out of stock hence might as well evolve your gates to the next level.

*No need to try with Helium. We have tried it and all it did was it became lighter.


Holes around gate so you can attach them in the air with strings
Ground stand if you want to put them on the ground
Sanitary disposable straws to help you blow air into gates
Perfect for:

Providing a more challenging race course
Providing a more dynamic race course appearance
Decorative pool floats

Inner diameter: 14.5 in (37cm)
Outer diameter: 23.6 in (60cm)

3 x Balloon Gates
3 x Ground Stands & Supporting Sticker
3 x Disposable Straws