BETAFPV Pavo30 3インチプッシャードローン BNF SFHSS完成機 [BF-]

Pavo30 Whoop Drone(Analog VTX)
Weight: 145g (without battery)
Wheelbase: 118mm
FC: F722 AIO 35A FC
Frame: Pavo30 Frame Kit
Motor: 1505-3400KV motor
Propeller: HQ75 5-blade props with 1.5mm shaft hole
Receiver: AC900 (Futaba SFHSS / FRSKY)
FPV Camera: ANT Nano camera
FPV Camera Tilt Degree 0°- 60°
VTX: M02 25-250mW VTX
Camera Mount: SMO 4K camera Mount
SMO 4K Tilt Degree: 5°- 45°
Battery: 750mAh 4S battery /850mAh4S battery (Not included)
Connector: XT30
Flight time: About 6-8 minutes

Package (Analog VTX)
1 * Pavo30 Whoop Quadcopter (AC900 receiver)完成機
1 * HQ75 5-Blade Propellers(2CW+2CCW)
1 * 20mm FPV Camera Mount
1 * USB Adapter Board for FC
1 * Adapter Cable for Customized Naked Camera
1 * 系統図
1 * 日本語簡易説明書

750mAh 4S battery /850mAh4S battery

GNB 750mAh 4s 14.8v 80c XT60 LiPo Battery [FB-4837680]

HGLRC KRATOS 4S1P 14.8V 850mAh 75C Lipo Battery with XT60 Plug [MA-7130]

こちらの受信機は、FUTABA S-FHSSとFRSKY D16を切り替えることによって両方のシステムをご使用頂けます。