Rekon5 Frame Kit 5 Inch Frame Kit Naked GoPro / SMO 4K Mount for FPV Racing Drone [MA-3489]

Rekon5 Frame Kit 5 & Parts

Note: SMO 4K Mount is not included in the frame kit

Model:Rekon5 Frame Kit
Material:3K Carbon Fiber
Type:5" frame
Top plate thickness:1.5mm
Bottom plocte thickness:1.5mm
Middle plate thickness:1.5mm
Arm Thickness:4mm
protective bar:3mm
Top and middle plate spacing:23mm
Installation holes:20x20mm
Support camera:19mm

Package Includes in the frame kit:
1x 1.5mm top plate
1x 1.5mm bottom plate
1x 1.5mm middle plate
2x 4mm arms
2x 3mm protective bars
2x M2*25mm Black mesh aluminum column
4x M2*20mm Black mesh aluminum column
4x round head screws M3*20
4x cup head screws M2*20
1x cup head screws M2*12
10x cup head screws M2*9
12x round head screws M2*5
1x countersunk screws M5*20
1x M5 countersunk head screws washer (red)
1x M5 Anti-loose self-locking nut (red)
2x 7075 Crankset Screws (red)
2x round head screw M2*4
4x M3 Self-tightening nut
5x M2 Self-tightening nut
8x M3*8 shock-absorption balls
4x M2*4 shock-absorption balls
2x Battery cable straps 20x200mm
1x Battery Anti-slip pad
1x TPU SMA antenna base
1x TPU antenna base
1x TPU camera mount
1x TPU naked Gopro mount
1x TPU GPS mount
1x TPU buzzer holder
1x TPU T antenna base

Recommended Parts:( Not Included )
Flight Controller:F4/F7/FC
Camera:19X9mm size
Propeller:5 Inch