F405 2-4S AIO Brushless Flight Controller 12A ESC (BLHeli_S) V3 [BF-00313854]

F405 2-4S AIO 12A Brushless Flight Controller (BLHeli_S) V3 has been updated the F411 chip to F405, which can totally handle 12A continuous current(13A burst), gives pilots a powerful flight. Highly recommended using it on Beta75X series drone, Beta85X series drone and HX100 series drone such as Beta85X V2 and Beta85X HD Digital VTX.

Because 12A V3 FC and 20A AIO V3 FC have unified the UART, both two boards have the same appearance, FC diagram, statue LED and way to connect the RX.

Specifications of F405 12A AIO FC V3
Six-Axis: MPU6000
Size: 26mm x 26mm
Firmware version: Batefight-BETAFPV405-4.2.X
OSD: Built in BetaFlight OSD (STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode)
Receiver: Support Frsky XM/XM+FCC Receiver/ Futaba Receiver/ Flysky Receiver/ TBS Crossfire Receiver/DSMX Receiver
Weight: 5.3g
Connecter: XT30

Specifications of ESC
Support PWM,Oneshot125,Oneshot42, Multishot,Dshot150,Dshot300,Dshot600
Input voltage: 2S-4S Lipo
Continuous current: 12A
Peak current: 13A
Firmware: BLHELI-S G-H-25

How to Connect the External Rx to F405 20A AIO FC V3 & F405 12A AIO FC V3

1 * F405 20A AIO FC V3 or F405 12A AIO FC V3
4 * M1.2x4mm screws
4 * M1.4x5mm screws
4 * Anti-vibration rubber dampers
1 * 6-Pin Connector for Digital VTX
1 * 4-Pin Connector for Rx