Beta75X Whoop Quadcopter (HD Digital VTX) [BF-00313813]

フライングHDデジタルVTXクワッドの楽しさをまったく新しいレベルに引き上げるために、軽量で小型のBeta75X HD VTXフープクワッドコプターがリリースされました。

手のサイズと超重量がわずか54.71gのBeta75XHDデジタルVTXは、小型でダイナミックですが、十分に強力です。 特別に変更されたNebulaHDキットを使用すると、ドローン全体の重量が最小限に抑えられ、優れたパフォーマンスが維持されます。パイロットは、HD映像を使用してさまざまな種類のFPVフリースタイルトリックを簡単に実行できます。 F4 AIO 12A FC、1103 8000kvモーターを搭載し、Beta75X HDデジタルVTXに安定した応答性の高い飛行特性をもたらし、屋内でのトリックやあらゆる美しい飛行の瞬間を記録するのに最適です。

Bullet Point
Beta75X HD VTX Whoop Quadcopter is an ultralight 3S HD Digital VTX drone with a 75mm wheelbase. It is small, dynamic but powerful enough, brings the enjoyment of flying a digital FPV quad to a whole new level.
To keep minimizing weight and optimal performance, we specially modified the Nebula HD kit and achieved a 15g weight reduction. Pilots can explore more possibilities with this lightweight 3S Beta75X HD Digital VTX.
Comes with a new HD digital VTX canopy, which is specially designed like an X-knight helmet shape. With an adjustable tilt angle of 25-45° degrees, it can meet various requirements of video shooting and flight experience.
With the F4 AIO 12A FC and 1103 8000KV motors, it gives Beta75X HD Digital VTX a stable but responsive flying characteristic, perfect for the indoor tricks. We recommend using BETAFPV 300mAh 3S battery for this drone to get the best punch
Adopted with the upgraded Beta75X V2 frame, the new frame makes the gravity center of the drone more concentrated, which brings pilots a more stable flight.

Item: Beta75X Digital VTX
Weight: 54.71g (without battery)
Wheelbase: 75mm
Frame: Beta75X V2 Frame
Motors: 1103 8000KV Brushless Motor
Props: Gemfan 40mm 4-blade 1.5 shaft
Receiver Option: Frsky XM+ / TBS Crossfire
Camera Degree: 25°-45°
HD digital camera & VTX: Modified Caddx Nebula Nano Kit
Antenna: Air 5.8GHz Antenna (LHCP)
Battery: 3S 300mAh S-Version battery (Not including)
Flight time: About 2.5 min flight with 300mAh 3S battery

Modified Nebula Nano Kit
Equipped with a modified Nebula Nano HD Kit, it further loses the weight of the drone, which only weights 14.2g, brings the Digital FPV more possibility to achieve different kinds of freestyle tricks. This kit also can support with DJI goggles. With DJI goggles, it can provide 720p/60fps digital high-definition picture and a transmission range up to 4km. Users can choose 25mW/200mW/500mW/700mW from DJI goggle settings.

F4 AIO 12A FC totally supports 3S power with a steady performance. This board is light only 5.07g and suitable for brushless whoops like 2S Pro2 Series and X Series. Integrated with a Betaflight MATEKF411 processor FC, Betaflight OSD and 2-4S 12A ESC which can support 4S battery for the fast-flying experience.

Motor & Props
The Gemfan 40mm 4-blades Propellers perfect fit the Beta75X HD Digital VTX. It is lighter but durable enough, offers pilots a high-efficiency flight experience. Equipped with the 1103 8000KV Brushless Motor, the props have a better performance.

1x Beta75X Whoop Quadcopter(HD Digital VTX)
1x Gemfan 40mm 4-blades Propellers(2CW+2CCW)
1x 簡易日本語説明書
1x 受信機 ※オプションにて受信機ありをご選択の場合に付属いたします。

こちらの受信機は、FUTABA S-FHSSとFRSKY D16を切り替えることによって両方のシステムをご使用頂けます。

2. バインドボタンを爪楊枝などを使って長押しする(5〜10秒くらい)。長押ししている間一瞬ライトが光り、その後点灯すれば切り替え成功です。