Beitian BN-880Q Flight Control GPS Module Dual Module Compass RC Drone FPV Racing Cable [08-430]

Power Supply:DC Voltage 2.8V~6.0V,Typical:3.3V or 5.0V
Consumption:Capture 50mA@5V
Receiving Format: GPS, GLONASS,Galileo,BeiDou,QZSS and SBAS
Receiving Channel:72 Searching Channel
Receiving Sensitivity:Trace -167dBm , Capture-148dBm
Positioning Time:Cold Start: avg26s , Warm Start: avg25s, Hot Start: avg3s
Level Positioning Precision: 2m At Open Wind
Output Frequency:1Hz-10Hz,Default 1Hz
Speed Precision: 0.1 m/s (Without Aid)
Acceleration Precision :0.1 m/s (Without Aid)
Dynamic Characteristics:Max Height:18000m, Max Speed:5153m/s,Max Acceleration:4G
UART Interface:UART Port:TXDA and RXDA
Support Rate:4800bps to 115200bps,Default 38400dps
Working Temperature:-40℃-+85℃
Storage Temperature:-40℃-+85℃
Size:28mm x 28mm x 10mm
The Module's Pins:SDA,GND,TX,RX,VCC,SCL

GPS Module,Dual Module Compass
With electronic compass IC HMC5883L
1.25mm spacing between the 6pins patch seat
Can not use for flight control with SCM, but it is suitable for Open source flight controller.
GPS Program Set up documents and instructions:Please click here BN-880 GPS Configuration files

1x BN-880Q GPS Module
1x 15cm Cable