SucceX Mini F7 V3 35A 2-6S TwinG Flight Stack (ICM20689) [IF-FC06790]

The SucceX Mini F7 V3 TwinG // GYRO FUSION is the NEXT-GEN flight controller you need for your next build. This FC is ready for anything with 5 uarts With its clean intuitive layout, the SucceX MINI F7 V3 TwinG makes installation a breeze with a 10 pin connector for your VTX and an10 pin connector that allows simple plug and play connection with your 4in1 ESC.

But the real magic of this flight controller lies in its TWIN GYRO configuration.

The TwinG uses two identical gyros oriented side by side with one offset 90 degrees from the other. Betaflight uses GYRO FUSION to blend and average the information from both gyros to send a much cleaner signal to the PID loop controller! Less noise and fewer oscillations across the throttle band without adding any delay! Betaflight software filters can be lowered in most cases as well, which brings a significant decrease in delay.

With plenty of processing power and uarts, this is the perfect flight controller for long-range GPS builds. And the TwinG configuration makes it the perfect Fc for builds like macro quads, cinematic filming rigs and x-class racers that are a bit trickier to tune.

TwinG Gyro Setup

The Betaflight target's default setting is ‘gyro_to_use = both’ / Gyro fusion is active!

To check the current setting, please use CLI and type ‘get gyro’ to find the responding entry.

Change the settings with ‘set gyro_to_use = ’ and type ‘save’.

To get the most reliable performance or encounter noise, oscillation and bent props: Please use the default setting ‘both”.

For Single Gyro use, please use the debugging options to find and tune for the cleaner gyro, but lose the dynamic fusion and averaging.

BF offers the following dual gyro debug options: dual_gyro_raw, dual_gyro, dual_gyro_diff, dual_gyro_combined.

BlackboxLog explorer graph: dual_gyro_raw Debugging = [0] Roll Gyro1, [1] Pitch Gyro1, [2] Roll Gyro2, [3] Pitch Gyro2.

The displayed graph will show the Gyro_Raw reading (no filters applied), both gyros can be compared.

SucceX Mini F7 V3 仕様
MCU:216MHz STM32F722
Gyro:TwinG ICM20689
Betaflight OSD:YES
ESC Telemetry:UART5
INA Pad:nuart2
Input voltage:2-6S,MAX 8S
Betaflight Firmware:betaflight_4.0.5_STM32F7X2.hex
CLI dump file:IFLIGHTF7_TWIN_G.config
Size:27*27mm /20*20mm φ3 mounting
Mounting hole:20x20mm,φ3mm with Grommets φ2mm

SucceX Mini 35A V3 仕様
MCU: STM32F051
Current Sensor: Yes
Input: 2-6s lipo
Telemetry: Yes
Installing Hole: 20x20mm, M3
Target: iFlight-BL32-4IN1
BLHeliSuite download :
Constant: 35Amps
Burst: 40Amps
Dimensions: 31*31mm(including the power pads)
Mounting Holes: 20*20mm
Supports Dshot1200, Proshot, Oneshot, Multishot

SucceX F7 Twin_G / mini F7 TwinG (betaflight 3.5.7)
SucceX F7 Twin_G / mini F7 TwinG (betaflight 4.0.4))
SucceX Mini F7 V3 TwinG Manual

SucceX Mini F7 V3 TwinG FC
SucceX 35A V3 BLHeli_32 4-in-1 ESC