FE200T 5.8G 40CH Switchable Adjustable Transmitter AV 4.5-5.2V VTX Video Module OSD Control [08-405]

FE200T 5.8G 40CH 20/100/200mW Switchable Adjustable Transmitter AV 4.5-5.2V VTX Video Module OSD Control

Product Name JMT
VTX for Flight Controller RC FPV Racing Drone
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Brand JMT
Creation time 2019-08-20
JMT FE200T 5.8G 40CH Transmitter 25mW 100mW 200mW OSD Adjustable AV 4.5-5.2V IPEX VTX for Flight Controller RC FPV Racing Drone

The FE200T series is transmitted as a 5.8G ISM band analog image transmission. It has stable output power, long transmission distance and strong power supply filtering. It can ensure that the image has no snowflake and no horizontal stripes under the maximum throttle. The picture adopts the flight control OSD (TXD) signal to control the transmission frequency (IRC Tramp), and only needs to connect any TXD (serial port transmission) of the flight control to the RXD (serial port reception) of the picture transmission, and also The function of manual button switching is retained. Support PIT mode tuning.

1. The output power is stable and the transmission distance is long.
2. Fast 3-speed power switching, independent two red indicators, indicating the current transmitting power of 25/100/200MW.
3. The frequency point uses 4*3 LEDs to display 40 channel values.
4, support OSD remote tuning (IRC Tramp), support PIT mode tuning, can only be opened in the OSD.
5, small size, the antenna uses IPEX interface, reducing the footprint of the PCB board.
6, small size: 16.5mm * 16.5mm, mounting hole M1.
7, light weight: 1.7g

1, input voltage: DC 4.5-5.2V
2. Input current: 200MW = 400 MA
3, power switching: third gear 25MW, 100MW, 200MW
4, signal channel: 40
5, frequency switching: manual button / OSD (IRC Tramp) (simultaneous support)
6, antenna interface: IPEX
7, the dimensions: 16.5MM * 16.5MM

GND power supply negative
+5V power supply positive
RXD flight control serial transmission
VIN camera video input

Frequency adjustment:
First, manual adjustment Switch frequency points.
Short press: switch channels, 4 blue LEDs and 3 green LEDs indicate channels.
There are 40 frequency points, and the specific channel frequency refers to the frequency list.

Power switching:
Long press (greater than 2 seconds) power adjustment. Press once to switch the power 25MW, 100MW, 200MW.
The default shipment is 200MW.

OSD Assistant

1. In the PORTS of the flight control, you need to configure the TX port to be used for the OSD adjustment, and the interface needs the interface, as shown in the following figure in UART1.

Select IRC Tramp.
The first step is to properly configure the receiver to ensure that the receiver channels are normal. In the example, the OSD is used for TX1 and the receiver is used for RX6.
Step 2 Put the throttle to the middle position about 50% (THR MID), the direction lever to the far left (YAW LEFT), and the pitch lever to push forward (PITCH UP). Enter the OSD menu
The third step is to switch the VTX channel and transmit power.
On the MAIN page, select the FEATURES item and go to the FEATURES page.
Select the VTX TR option and go to the VTX page.
Select CHANNEL to switch channels and select POWER to switch the transmit power.
Select SET and select YES to make the settings take effect.

Precautions for use
1. Pay attention to the input voltage within the specified range and the positive and negative poles are correct, so as not to damage the internal components;
2. If the antenna is replaced, please select the standing wave and the antenna with good gain to obtain a longer transmission distance;
3. Pay attention to static electricity during transportation and installation;

1X FE200T picture transmission module
4X 100mm line
1X IPEX 5.8G antenna

注意:※ 当商品は国外でご使用されるお客様向けに販売致しております。

TXアンテナをオンにする前に、アンテナが取り付けられていない状態で電源をオンにするか、不適切なアンテナを使用してVTXを簡単に焼損させる可能性があります。 アンテナはVTXの熱を減らすのに役立ちます。そのため、不適切なアンテナを使用するとVTXが容易に焼損することがあります。
カスタマイズされた作業(デフォルトのRP-SMA / SMAコネクタを取り外し、VTX上に薄いアンテナをはんだ付けするなど)は、VTX上で過熱を起こしてICを焼損させる可能性があります。