RCX NTXF7 Betaflight F7 Flight Controller (25/100/200/400/600mW) VTX Integrated [08-371]

This is a flight control with STM32F722 and ICM20689 mainstream FPV small frame. The input voltage is 2S-6S. It has BEC-5V output 3A current. It has a large current PDB interface and integrates 600MW power adjustable OSD. The parameter-adjustable picture transmission supports the mainstream PPM, SBUS, IBUS, DSM2/DSMX and other receivers on the market. There is LED_STRIP interface, active buzzer interface. Integrated OSD function, support DSHOT ESC.

Receiver connection configuration: PPM, SBUS, IBUS, DSM2, DSMX---RX2 port

Hardware Configuration:
Sensor: ICM20689
Atmospheric pressure sensor:BMP280
With 600MW adjustable power, OSD adjustable parameter map
Four-way high current PDB distribution board
LED_STRIP interface
Active buzzer interface
No black box
Built-in ammeter, current detection
Camera interface
Comes with BEC 5V 3A
Screw hole spacing: 30.5*30.5MM
Dimensions: 41*51MM (including the pad length of the bonding wire)

New F7 flight control:
Using F7 firmware
The main control is STM32F722 with a refresh rate of up to 32K.
PCB enhances copper thickness, enhances current stability and fast heat dissipation
BEC is 5V3A output
Exposed pads for easy soldering and the ability to discard conventional splitter boards.
Compatible with all ESCs in the market
Flight Control Integrated OSD does not need to independently write firmware, support BF ground station to adjust OSD
Integrated galvanometer, real-time monitoring of data such as current consumption
You can use the remote control to make OSD adjustment data such as flight control PID (TX5 configuration OSD adjustment, IRC Tramp)
Open ports can be adjusted from OSD, such as power, frequency band, and frequency.
F7 flight control adopts four independent damping balls, which can filter and offset the vibration of the motor, which makes the flight experience better.
Interface description:
GND M1-M4: Connect the signal line corresponding to the ESC
+ -: Corresponding to the positive and negative poles of the ESC power cord, with the ‘-’ as the ground.
B+ B-: Lithium battery input
+5V: With 3A output, it can be connected to the picture transmission, receiver and camera at the same time.
GND: Ground
VIN: video input, connected to camera signal line
LED: Programmable LED_Strip signal line output
RX2: Connect PPM, SBUS, IBUS, DSM2/X receiver
TX3, RX3, TX1, RX1, TX2, TX4: Reserved UART port
TX5: The board is internally connected to the OSD Assistant (IRC Tramp Protocol).
VBAT: Wide voltage map power supply positive (synchronized with battery voltage), where the voltage is the power voltage
BUZ+, BUZ-: Active buzzer connection

Button function:
BOOT: Used as a firmware to enter DFU mode
FR: VTX transmission frequency adjustment button (long press and short press), blue, green LED indication
POW: VTX transmission power adjustment button, red LED indication

Figure transfer manual adjustment:
FR button Switches the frequency point.
Short press: switch channels, 4 blue LEDs indicate channels.
Long press (2 seconds): switch group, 3 green LEDs indicate group.
There are 48 frequency points, and the specific channel frequency refers to the frequency list.

Power switching:
POW button------power adjustment
Press once, switching one power (25mW, 100mW, 200mW, 400mW, 600mW)
600mW in default.

OSD adjustment parameters:
In the PORTS of the flight control, you need to configure the TX5 port to be used for OSD tuning. The wiring needs to be interfaced, and IRC Tramp can be selected.
Step 1: is to properly configure the receiver to ensure that the receiver channels are normal, the OSD is used for TX5, and the receiver is used for RX2.
Step 2: Put the throttle to the middle position about 50% (THR MID), the direction lever to the far left (YAW LEFT), and the pitch lever to push forward (PITCH UP). Enter the OSD menu
Step 3: switch the VTX channel and transmit power.
On the MAIN page, select the FEATURES item and go to the FEATURES page.
Select the VTX TR option and go to the VTX page.
Select CHANNEL to switch channels and select POWER to switch the transmit power.
Select SET and select YES to make the settings take effect.

1x NTXF7-FC Flight Control
1x XT60 inner needle
4x Shock Absorbing Ball
1x IPEX-SMA (inner needle)
4x Nylon column M3*6
4x Nylon screw M3*8
1x Electrolytic capacitor 1000UF/25V
1x 14AWG red line 100MM
1x 14AWG black line 100MM
1x Heat Shrink Tubing Red 15MM
1x Heat Shrink Tubing Black 15MM