Omnibus F4 Flight Controller w/ PDB, OSD, BEC (30.5x30.5mm / STM32 / BetaFlight v3.2.0) [08-330]

RX1: DSM Receiver
RX6 SBUS Receiver


Main Unit: STM32F405RGT6
Sensor: MPU6000
Firmware: betaflight_3.2.0_OMNIBUSF4SD
Support Receiver: PPM, SBUS, IBUS, DSM2/DSMX, etc
With Buzzer Port
Internal Voltage Sensor
With OSD Port
OnBoard BEC 5V 3A
Size: 42*36MM (included ESC & Battery Soldering Pads)
Mounting: 30.5*30.5MM (Hole M4.1)
Weight: 9.4g

1 x FC
1 x Anti-Vibration Damper