Walkera RX-SBUSe 2.4GHz Receiver (Naked Version, DEVO用) [WK-RX-SBUS-E]

Compatible with SBUS and PPM signals.
Use 2.4G DSSS technology for better sensitivity of receiving and better anti-interference capability.
Use double antenna, automatic switch between signals to ensure the stabilized receiving of signals.
Use SCM as the CPU for strong resolution capability.
When the transmitter is on, it has the capability to memorize frequency and ID after swapping receiver batteries.
Able to customize fixed ID and automatically allocate ID.
Type: 2.4G
Sensitivity: -105dbm
Frequency Interval: ≥4M
Weight: 2.26g
Size: 25*16*6mm
No.of Channels:
8 PPM Channels
12 SBUS Channels
Transmission range: About 500m
Compatible transmitters: Walkera DEVO 7/10/F7 etc.
Working voltage: 4V-5.5V
Working current: 30mA(5V)