Gemfan 2540 3-Blade Propellers [BF-00313709]

Gain more power, control, and speed with Gemfan 2540Prop! The 3-blade design and aggressive airfoil provide incredible thrust and power for those 2-3 inch drones that still want maneuverability.

These are the stock props for the Beta95X frames.

Material: Poly Carbonates
Length: 2.5 inches, about 63.5mm
Color: Blue
Mounting hole: 1.5mm
Weight: 3.7g (4 pcs)

2x 2540 3-Blade Propellers CW
2x 2540 3-Blade Propellers CCW

Frames: Beta95X frames.
Suitable 110X motors like 1105 5000KV motor, 1103 8000KV motor, and 1106 4500/5000KV motor.