HQ 3020 2-Blade Propellers 1.5mm Shaft (2ペア/Blue)[BF-00313595]

3020 2-Blade propellers are customized to fit 2-3 inch sized FPV Micro Racing Drones. These quads are made to be extremely light and need specialized propellers to be the most effective!

FC+ESC: Toothpick F4 Brushless FC ESC (BLHeli_32)
Suitable 110X motors like 1105 5000KV motor, 1103 8000KV motor, and 1106 5000KV motor

Material: Poly Carbonates
Length: 3 inches, about 76.2mm
Color: Transparent Black, Transparent Red, Transparent Orange, Transparent Blue, Blue, Five colors are randomly selected four to ship
Mounting hole: 1.5mm
Weight: 3.5g (4 pcs)
Light, strong and well balanced for Toothpick Drones
More Power, Control, and Speed for 2-3 inch sized FPV Micro Racing Drones

2x 3020 2-Blade Propellers CW
2x 3020 2-Blade Propellers CCW