WS2812 LED Strip Light Flexible Light Bar 53x5x1MM 3.3-5V Programmable Tiny Whoop Toothpick [07-760]

WS2812 flexible light bar LED Strip Light 10 high-brightness 2020 lights 5mm Width small size Soft PCB design Support F3 F4 F7

WS2812 flexible light bar uses 10 high-brightness 2020 lights, high brightness,small size, wide voltage supply, low power consumption.

Soft PCB process design, can be cut off (Note: If you need to cut, please cut along the white line on the back of the PCB to ensure that the PCB can retain the pads at both ends), can be bent, easy to paste any model space, equipped with 3M glue and 3 core enameled wire is perfectly integrated with your WHOOP model. Supports mainstream flight controllers such as F3, F4, and F7, and also supports external controllers of the WS2812 protocol.

Voltage: 3.3-5V
Current: 50MA (10 lights are fully lit)
Size: 53x5x1MM(Length, width and height)
Weight: < 1 g

1x WS2812 flexible light strip
2x 3M glue
2x 3 LINE *100MM