BETAFPV 300mAh 3S 45C Lipo Battery (2PCS)[BF-00313560]

If you want to update your Beta75X drone with this 3S battery, what modification needed for the frame battery slot? Please kindly cut out these three sticks ´↓ by using the scissors as the following picture to fit the 3S 300mah Battery.

Suitable for Beta75X 3S, continuous discharge rate is up to 45C, provide reliable power for the whoop.
Enduring and powerful, enable you to get 4 min 30 sec flight time on the Beta75X with smooth flight in a windless environment.
With a small size of 16*17.5*48.5mm and light weight of 26.1g,which is rare in the market.
This battery is packed with vibration-proof & fire-proof material and our battery box ensuring you get your battery in perfect condition.
Here is the testing report between GNB 3S 300HV 30C battery and BETAFPV 3S 300HV 45C battery under 12A in 26℃.

Item: 3S 300mAh Lipo Battery
Capacity: 300mAh
Voltage: 11.1V
Discharge Rate: 45C
Max Burst Discharge Rate: 75C
Connector: XT30
Size: 16*16.5x48.5mm
Weight: 26g
Flight time: 4 minutes on Beta75X 3S drone

2x 300mAh 3S 45C Lipo Battery