BETAFPV 1105 5000KV Brushless Motors [BF-00313530]

Powerful, fast and durable Brushless 1105 motors come in two KV options: 5000KV for 4S whoop and 6000KV for 3S whoop.

1105 brushless motors are customized for Beta85X.
6000KV for original Beta85X(HD), support 3S power.
5000KV for new Beta85X(HD), which could support 4S power.
Fits with 2"-3" propellers
Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
Weight: about 20g (4 pcs)

Note: DO NOT recommend the 6000KV 1105 motors for 4S power. If you try this combo, the motors will overheat and burn (maybe the ESC). As a result, it will cause permanently damage on the motor or ESC.

Propellers: EMAX Avan 2" props
Frame: Beta85X frame
FC: F4 2S Brushless FC
ESC: BLHeli_32 16A

Height: 14mm
Weight: about 5.2g (1 pc)
Shaft: φ1.5mm
Motor Mount Holes: M2.0 on Dia 9.0mm
KV (rpm/V): 6000 / 5000
Plug and cables:
Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector with 30AWG cables (6000KV)
Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector with 28AWG cables (5000KV)

4x BETAFPV 1105 Brushless Motors