XR602T-S Futaba SFHSS compatible receiver on drone quad copter [HJ]

Shipping Weight: 10g

1) Super small size (XR601T is 10*17*3mm, XR602T is 11*17*3mm, Note 1)
2) Super light ( XR601T is 0.66g, XR602T is 0.8g)
3) All XR600T series receivers can be used on any F4 and F7 flight control board with or without signal inverter.
4) Can connect and work on any serial port of F4 and F7 flight control board;
5) IPEX4 antenna plug;
6) Diversity antenna provides best range and best radio frequency performance(only XR602T series receivers support)!
7) Supports data-back function (Note: B1 version doesn’t support this function as it is limited by its protocol)
8) Supports working temperature measurement;
9) Supports RSSI output;
10) Supports normal or reversed SBUS (DMA control)
11) Supports normal speed (100Kbs) or high speed SBUS (200Kbs, very useful for reducing time-lapse, Note 2)
12) Supports normal or reversed Fport (DMA contro);
13) Supports normal speed(115.2Kbs) or high speed Fport (230Kbs, helpful for reducing time-lapse, Note 2)
14) Working current/voltage: 50mA/5.0V( when data-back function is on full power running)
15) Supports port function configuration by user (port output protocol configuration, normal or reversed, normal speed or high speed)
16) Supports configured data-back function (configured data-back working or not working, RF output power);
18) Protocol switchable for Futaba SFHSS to SBUS and FPort (B1 version);
21) Supports firmware online updating;

1x XR602T-S Futaba SFHSS compatible receiver