Oversky F3 BeeStorm FPV FC Tiny whoop (SFHSS 受信機内蔵)[HJ]

Oversky F3 BeeStorm #FPV フライトコントロールボード(SFHSS 受信機内蔵)Tiny Whoop/Inductrix/ COCKROACH等のフレーム用

重さ: 3.3g

サイズ:27x27mm (穴のサイズは、Tiny Whoop/Inductrix/ COCKROACHのフレームに合っています。)

BeeStorm F3 flight control board is highly integrated control with 4 brushed ESCs, flight control, OSD and compatible receiver.
The firmware of BeeStorm is Betaflight. The hardware of its compatible includes 3 version: A---CYRF6936, B---CC2500, C---A7105. The protocols of the compatible receivers includes 6 kinds: 1-> DSMX/2; 2-> Futaba SFHSS; 3-> FrSky-D8; 4-> FS的AFHDS ; 5-> FS的AFHDS-2A ; 6 --> Hubsan;

1) STM32F303CCT6 main controller;
2) MPU6500 sensor(SPI way);
3) Built-in OSD(BetaFlight OSD);
4) Build-in receivers: SFHSS;
5) On-board boost circuit 5V/500mA DCDC
6) 4 brushed ESC, Max current is 3A;
7) On-board BOOT switch;