iFlight RACER iX5S 200mm FPV Racing Quadcopter Frame Kit Composite Material [IF-F004223]


-Product Name:IFLIGHT iX5S
-Wheel Base:200mm
-Thickness of the bottom plate :4mm
-Thickness of the top plate:2mm
-Thickness of the flight control mounting plate:2mm
-Compatible Propeller Size:Maximum 5inch

Recommmend configuration

-Flight Control: NAZE32/F3/F4
-Motor:iPower 2205/2206
-Battery:3S-1300mAh /4S-1300mAh

Package included:

1x iFlight iX5S Composite material airframe kit (4mm)
4mm carbon fiber unibody main plate
2mm carbon fiber top plate
1x 1.5mm FC mount plate
1x Set of screws
1x set 6mm black polyamide spacers / screws for flight controller
4x 3M landing soft pad