HobbyWing XRotor-12A-Micro-4in1 Multirotor Brushless ESC (1-4S) [HBW-XROTOR-12A-MICRO-4IN1]

Well-designed core program with all parameters adjusted to the optimum saves all the trouble of parameter adjustment.
Smaller size & lighter weight for smaller-size multirotors/drones.
Multiple output ports for powering different accessories such as picture transmission module, camera and LED lights and etc.
Amp/Volt monitoring port for flight controller monitoring Amp/Volt in real time (the FC needs to support time function).
Electric/motor speed of over 300,000RPM supported. (Note: here it is in 2 poles.)
One-Shot125 signal-receiving mode with a real-time signal frequency of up to 3800Hz supported.
One-Shot42 signal-receiving mode supported.
MultiShot signal-receiving mode supported.
DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) technology significantly reduces the ESC temperature, improves the throttle response, and strengthens the stability and flexibility of multi-rotors. (Note: this ESC is quite suitable for QAVs.)
Active braking (brought by DEO technology) for quicker deceleration when reducing the throttle amount.
Motor direction is switchable between CW and CCW through the transmitter.
Braking function allows the motors to quickly stop spinning when the throttle stick is moved to the bottom position.
Compatible with various flight controllers and supports a PWM signal frequency of up to 621Hz in “Regular” signal-receiving mode.
Intelligent motor lock-up protection for protecting the motor and the ESC.

Cont./Peak Current: 12A×4/18A×4
LiPo Cells: 1-4S LiPo
BEC Output: 5V,1A
Input Wires: Red-18AWG-100mm*1 / Black-18AWG-100mm*1
Output Wires: solder tabs
Input Connectors: No
Output Connectors: No
Size: 38.1x37.9x5.3mm
Weight: 8g
Applications: 150mm FPVs